JC Lock & Safe can provide, design and install both Wireless and Wired Intruder Alarm Systems. Both types of systems are widely flexible and can be designed to include a number of advanced features. All of our systems will be designed by one of experienced Engineers who will be able to advise on the suitability of a system to the required application. Then a full design specification will be drawn up detailing the solution and its' key features. JC Lock & Safe will be able to explain any technical aspects in plain English - ensuring total understanding of the products being installed.

Wireless Systems

JC Lock & Safe Flexible Wireless Trident Alarm and accessories.

JC Lock & Safe's Flexible Wireless Solution provides security, safety and home automation in a combination of sheer elegance and unrivalled simplicity.

The Trident flexible wireless intruder alarm system provides security and safety for your home or small business. The Trident incorporates wireless 2-way technology and offers the most flexible solution for your or small business.

The Trident intruder alarm system's flexibility allows communication via a telephone line or GSM mobile connection, all incorporated within the main control unit. This can be used for communicating with our monitoring station and for police response via a digital communicator or to send an SMS to you or your keyholder/s in the event of an activation. The Trident's flexibility enables different modes of setting the alarm system.

A Wide Range of Accessories and Applications

Enforcer offers a wide range of security for the home.

Elderly Parents' Safety


Larger Installations

For larger installations we can use the Richochet system which has the added advantage of using Dual Com or BT RedCare for communcating with the monitoring station and police response.

The Richochet System is completely wireless, and has the advantage of being able to connect each device to each other to eliminate the traditional range limitations of devices only communicating between themselves and the control panel. The Richochet System also has within it a number of useful, practical and well designed additional accessories making it an excellent option for home security.

JC Lock & Safe Richochet Wireless Alarm.

Wired Systems

Intruder Alarm Systems

Once you have decided that you need an Intruder Alarm system please contact us to arrange for a fully qualified surveyor to attend your property and consult with you in order to establish exactly what type of system you require and design a system that is specific to your needs.

Once the system has been designed, JC Lock & Safe will provide you with a free quotation that is based on installation to European Standard EN50131 under the British scheme document PD6662:2010 and to NSI NACOSS Gold requirements. Our terms and conditions are included within each quotation.

Types of Alarm Systems:

Audible Only

An intruder alarm system capable of activating internal and external sounders in attempt to draw attention from a neighbour or passer by and thus deterring the thief. In addition a speech dialler could be fitted to the system enabling up to 4 telephone numbers to be contacted in the event of an alarm activation.

Note: A speech dialler CAN NOT dial the police.

Monitored Systems

Monitored Systems are standard intruder alarm systems which have the functionality to report to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). The ARC will get notifications of all system sets and un-sets, and will also be notified immediately of an alarm being triggered. There are different methods of monitoring, utilising different communication paths. Monitered Systems can only be fitted by professional alarm installers.

Digital Communicator

This unit sends signals down a phone line to an ARC who will either contact Key-Holders or Police, depending on what signal they receive once the alarm has activated. This is the most cost-effective way of obtaining Police Response.


Dualcom is similar to a Digital Communicator, but it also incorporates mobile telephone technology thus enabling dualpath signalling which is a requirement of some insurance companies. The mobile side uses a World SIM which will pick up the best network in your area to dial out on.

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