JC Lock & Safe can provide both Home Camera Systems to Close Circuit TV Systems for a variety of purposes, installations, environments and conditions. From identifying visitors at your front door to observing the entry points around your home, JC Lock & Safe can provide a CCTV solution that will meet with all your requirements.

1080p High Definition (HD) CCTV

JC Lock & Safe HD Dome Camera with built in infra-red

Our 1080p HD CCTV Systems can provide a wide angle view or a zoomed in view of the area requiring protection. Once installed, our 1080p HD Cameras will allow you to see a good clear full colour image during the day; and an infra-red black and white image, by means of a built in infra-red lighting system housed within the camera.

There are many different types of cameras available for different applications. The most common cameras in use are dome cameras and bullet cameras. These provide a neat, installation but with high quality results and imagery with built in infra-red.

JC Lock & Safe HD DVR with 4-16 Channels


The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is the central backbone to any CCTV system. a JC Lock & Safe DVR is connected to a full 1080p HD LED Monitor for crisp, sharp monitoring, surveilance and maintenance purposes. The DVR keypad will allow for selection of stored images, from motion detection events and exporting to external media, such as USB Flash Drive in the event of an incident.

JC Lock & Safe provide DVR's with at least 1TB of internal storage. Our cameras are triggered to record by motion detection, which makes the most efficient use of space within the DVR's memory as well as saving time when surveying recordings saved to the DVR. The DVR connects all of the cameras and monitors together.

JC Lock & Safe HD Turret Camera with built in infra-red

Remote Viewing

CCTV Systems installed by JC Lock & Safe can be connected to your broadband router, and can be viewed via your computer, tablet or smartphone. Even when away from the premesis, providing a suitable broadband connection or mobile data connection is available. To achieve this, JC Lock & Safe will require access to your router to configure the required information to allow this function access to the Internet.

High Quality

Our CCTV systems, which generally provide wide angle views, are installed using high quality cameras and lenses that will allow you to see a good clear colour picture during the day and a black and white image at night, by means of the cameras built-in Infra-red automatic lighting system.

Custom Designs

Consideration always has to be given to the ambient background lighting levels in any area that is being monitored by a camera. Our surveyor will make an assessment of the lighting conditions at the design stage of our proposal which will then determine the camera type and lens that we recommend for your installation and whether or not the area being viewed requires additional lighting.

Advanced Functionality

Exceptionally high quality systems, capable of facial recognition and PTZ cameras which automatically patrol the perimeter of your property (providing effective 24 hour surveillance), are available along with our custom design service.

JC Lock & Safe HD Bullet Camera with built in infra-red

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